Welcome Passion Animation!

The Los Angeles based animation studio, ROYGBIV has joined Passion Animation Studios. Founders Evan Viera and Tommy Wooh formed ROYGBIV, a collective creating narrative-driven projects, drawing on their individual expertise, knowledge and talent.

Passion MD, Debbie Crosscup, comments ROYGBIV’s “ability to push the boundaries of animated narrative makes them an exciting asset to our studio”. The signing of ROYGBIV bolsters Passion’s core goals of beautiful storytelling through the moving image.

We're very excited to be working with our new friends over at Passion!

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AIKO was the first production in the ROYGBIV slate.  The teaser was made by a total of nine people (half of them intermittent).  The core team was Evan Viera, Charles Badiller, Eva Lusbaronian, and Felice Wong.  They worked for 4 months at ROYGBIV’s studio.

Jay Jackson, a veteran traditional animator, oversaw the animation, and Charles and Eva were the principal character animators (with Felice as their assistant).  Cassandra Larson and Johan Ravit also contributed as animators on the project. Aside from directing, Evan contributed to the storyboards, design, backgrounds, compositing, and FX/environment animation.  While the teaser was in production, Charley wrote the pilot script and season 1 episode outlines.

Visit the AIKO page to see the trailer!

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Hello World!  Now that ROYGBIV has gone live around the world, it's only right that we can engage our audience.  Connect with us on all of our integrated social networks (FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInYoutube, and Vimeo).

You can also click on any of the icons at the bottom of this page, and keep up to date with announcements, behind-the-scenes, interviews, and more.

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355-days, and many sleepless nights later, we have finally launched the ROYGBIV site.  Stay tuned for the #aikotrailer which is going to be launched in a few hours!

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